✧ ✧ Session One ✧ ✧


Amron & Mason - Neuro Energetic Activation

$44 for Session 1 + Bonus

✧ ✧ Session Two ✧ ✧


Quantum Money Blueprint Override - Amron & Samantha

$44 for Session 2 + Bonus

✧ ✧ Session Three ✧ ✧


Timeline Matrix Overlay - Amron Bevels

$44 for Session 3 + Bonus




Receive All 4 Treatments for $99


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Amron is legit a powerful Priestess!




It's incredible. 

Every time I work with you, HUGE DOORS & portals open. Huge opportunities come for me. I am so ready to play, Baby!




I have been worked on by her in my dreams. 

She helped me heal a fracture in my spine that was showing me how I have been holding so much in my relationship. 

In the dream, she guided me on how to heal it for myself…



My mind is BLOWN! 

 She really is a psychic and was in communication with my higher self and guides. 

 She can see things, dissect pertinent information and speak to things even though I was silent or telling other parts of the story- she saw things I didn’t share. 




 I wish I could articulate how truly mind blowing and transformative it is on so many levels to be on the receiving end of her work.



 I don’t feel like I can put into words how amazing and gifted Amron is. I tried my best to capture what I was feeling after our first session. Thank you again for working with me- it makes me cry because there’s just so much going on inside and all around me. I loved this opportunity so much!!




You didn’t know I have a --- disease...

At the end of the call you said something about ---- and laughed. 

You did something energetic on levels I can’t comprehend... 

I feel better than I’ve felt in a really long time. Thank you so much!!!!!!! 



 I listened to your Voxer broadcasts and it felt really good to hear your voice. I resonated with everything you said and was particularly intrigued by these ideas. 



I was really in the zone, deep in that visualization... loving it! 

I felt my spiritual entourage with me and they gave me a lot of words of reassurance that I needed, I teared up a little. I was having issues with my --- recently... Speaking the codes for purifying and updating the oracular system was so powerful for me! 



I felt the very strong grid of connection between us, and the love we generated surrounding Earth and all beings. Like what we were doing here was impacting the entire earth family. I had a lot clearing, burping, gagging, purging from the throat that felt not just my own. 

Thank you!!



This has been a really beautiful experience to feel energetically. this was POWERFUL in ways I couldn’t of imagined. That mycelium network!! Thank you Amron for your prompts and guidance. Thank you everyone for your connection in this container. I feel a lot of emotions and energy flowing and healing. Thank you all!


 For anyone who feels like they have dormant powers, trapped energy/emotions, questions for their Spirit or guides, I highly recommend the assistance of Amron- she is a powerful Priestess.




I started our session with anxiety, pain in the back of my heart and a raspy voice- I ended the session feeling a big energetic shift, in tune with my higher self and connected to my guides, feeling forgiveness and relief, and speaking from my solar plexus rather than my shaky throat. 




It felt magical. This experience makes me believe in my own powers so much more. 




 It is invaluable. Working with her really is like magic.