$99.00 USD


✧ Master Course ♕ The Money Expansion Sessions ✧

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In this 4-part master course of sessions, we travel to the quantum field of reality to literally surgically operate, organize, and administer to your money matrix. 

These sessions are powerful accelerants, liberating access to your wealth template. ⭐️

You'll join forces with our advanced practitioners and be guided through powerful energetic sessions to reshape your wealth consciousness for your heightened empowerment, activation, and awareness.

✧ Dissolve barriers to your personal wealth manifestation

✧ Tune up your conscious awareness

✧ Repair money blueprints

✧ Clean & upgrade illusions

✧ Optimize future timelines

✧ Access desired realities & more

We offer this course because we deeply desire to see women empowered around identity, money, and personal value.

We are here to walk with women who are liberating themselves.  

Thank you for saying yes to this course!



This is a matrix "warm-up" as we open the gates to the Divine Woman Quantum Mastery Space.

The Divine Woman Mastery is a brand new social sanctuary I've been commissioned to build for psychics and spiritualists in 2024. This is a high-level sanctuary & social club for women in practice, who know we are here as guardians of the masses and seed-layers for the next collective reality.

Come check out the vibe.