An Advanced Activation Journey


Divine Feminine Leadership

~ 8 Modules ~ 8 Weeks ~


A live walk through the channeled codex of The Priestess Transmissions book + curriculum. A galactic ambassadorship for Divine Feminine Leaders. Join Amron as we channel new light codes for this time + anchor them into this powerful curriculum.

Psychic development. Group mentorship.

Your presence informs the codes.



8 Weeks

8 Modules

8 Channeled Transmissions

A Guided "Group Antenna Effect," Pulling Lightcodes In


A Potent Leadership Development Experience for


Accelerated Psychic Advancement

The Next Wave of DNA Activations

Light Language Transmissions

Oracular Matrix Development

Light Code Embodiment

Group Channeling

Immaculate Boundaries

Calling Up the Planetary Grid

Next Level Sacral Attunement

Power Coaching

Group Mentorship

~ a potent group master-channeling experience you may have never seen before ~

Using the structure of the sacred text +

The Self-Guided Curriculum...


We are calling in the next layer of codes.

These distinct frequencies are emerging now to serve our work as guardians, leaders, healers & guides in the current collective ascension.



We Begin the 1st Week of April




Pay in Full

Apply 100% of this tuition towards your next course with Amron: The Divine Woman Quantum Mastery program or 1:1 Coaching w/Amron.


$388 / Mo. for
6 Months

Apply 100% of this tuition towards your next course with Amron: The Divine Woman Quantum Mastery program or 1:1 Coaching w/Amron.

$388 x 6



If you have previously purchased any of these curriculums:

The Self-Guided Curriculum


Soul Template Activations with me & JJ Brighton


The Priestess Portal, with me & Amy Belair

You get to apply 50% of your previous tuition to this curriculum!!!

Just Message Me Before You Buy

 When You Accept the Call, You'll Experience:


A Gold-Wrapped Copy of the book

Weekly dripped content ~ the self-guided curriculum

Weekly Activation Calls w/Amron (Live or pre-recorded touch-points)

Intimate Community Experience

Incredible energetic support from Amron

Body attunements for the duration of the course

Two Private 1:1 calls w/Amron

100% channeled...

The content of these Transmissions is expressly for those of us bringing forth the Priestess-Priest archetype at this time. This is an advanced course for Divine Feminine Leaders hearing the call to step even more into all that you are. This is a safe-space mystery school, integrating a spiritual bootcamp for your leadership codes. You are here to claim more of yourself today.


Embody these codes in your living 3D reality.


You know that you are here to lead, to wayshow, support others as a natural guide during these pivotal times. Powerful activations, integrations, and a beautiful community of sovereign women, await.

Thank you for answering the call.



Amron is hosting a decadent, intimate, 6-month mastermind experience for the divine feminine spiritual leader.

You can apply 100% of your tuition from The Curriculum LightCode Journey, to The Divine Woman Quantum Mastery Mastermind Experience! Message Amron for more.