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This podcast goes deep into what it means to be a woman today. 

Come hear real stories and meet powerful women practitioners living and learning to keep soul-ignited in life. You'll make friends here, and you'll come to know yourself even better. Join our community of Woke Women, as we journey together and guide ourselves through aspects of identity, healing, and navigating this world, on our terms.

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What We Do

We take an inventory of life as we live it because, ultimately, we get to decide how we want to be in this world. 

Let’s talk about loving ourselves first, breaking through bounds of the societal status quo, claiming our beauty and our birthrights, connecting with our bodies, reinforcing our innate connection with the spirit realm, navigating the bio-energetics of physical health, disease, and remission, and take a real look at emotions, the dynamics of inner peace, and what it means to truly thrive. 

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This is our primary podcast, described above. Please note that there is a separate Divorce Files series that you can access via Patreon. See the links to the right to access the Divorce Files series of episodes via Patreon. The shared mission for both is to create a community of women who feel seen, honored, supported and empowered.

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This is a Patreon-accessed portal for the woman who needs a resource for all things partnership: relationship unrest, relationship matrix rewiring, and divorce. You'll meet incredible women, helpers, and practitioners sharing intimate stories about life, love, identity, and partnership. This podcast series is not safe for work or for children. Material can be quite raw.

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