Long before medical school, I was on a mission to discover the connection between the non-physical energetics of the human body, the spirit realm, and the physics of the physical world.

At age 13 (this was 1993), I honed in on the bio-energetics of human healing, researching scientific observations of electromagnetic biofields around the human body. The work of the NASA physicist, Barbara Ann Brennan, came into play. I was a burgeoning plant shaman in high school. I studied traditional and medicinal usage of native plants, and applied classical naturopathy at home. I charted a lengthy study into the science of bio-energetics and quantum theory for living systems. Energy medicine, symbology, and spiritual principles were a fascination.

In college, I continued my studies into neuroscience, psycho-immunology, energetic medicine, energy healing, Native American spiritual-cultural teachings, and the metaphysical. "Pre-med" meant a lot more than the physical sciences, yet I had no idea that I was gearing up for the work I do today. 

After graduating from medical school, I chose a career in nutrition and anti-aging research.

This involved medicinal plant sciences, historical and traditional plant use data from around the globe, modern nutritional theory, biohacking, nutritional supplementation, research and development in nutritional therapeutics, and a critical understanding of diet fad biochemistry.  

Today, I get to blend all this into a service for the Ascending Woman. I can tune up your vessel, and help you attune your body and your psyche to commune with the spirit realm. This is real stuff. I delight in operating on the energetic plane. I am a humble student of this, as there is always more to discover. Each client experience teaches something new. I am an observer, a leader, and a courageous explorer. I am a scientist. A researcher. A lifelong student. With this, I bring an unusual critical eye to the spectrum of whole-body healing and the interplay of energetics in this life on Earth.

Why I left Medicine.

Because I approached medical training with such a rich background in non-conventional principles, medical training itself was a major disappointment. Incredible volumes of critical information were simply missing. Critical, obvious questions remained unasked. Vast, medically-relevant strategies--strategies that would alter the course of medical care--were left out of the medical material. It became clear that explorations into the underpinnings of illness were, in fact, guided largely by history, guess-work, and pharmaceutical applications. This was infuriating. 

There were no strategies focused on optimizing the body’s innate tendency toward wellness, self-renewal, and repair.  

Doctrines of traditional healing foods, indigenous diets, strategic eating, medicinal plant usage, nutritional supplementation, and the properties of herbs and spices, were completely missing from the material. And there was no mention of the bio-energetic field, the electrical nature of the human system beyond the heart, or the critical role that emotional history, trauma, and belief can actually play in impacting healing and health outcomes.

The one-size-fits-all models do not work for me.

Most clinicians would agree that two cases of identically-diagnosed disease can arise and resolve by very different means. Resolution can be rapid or not, and very personal factors can influence that path. I feel strongly that it is not appropriate to state predictions with certainty. At times, I have observed the actual assignment of a diagnosis to be more harmful than helpful. There is no one size.

In 2008, I decided to step off the clinical track. I did this to save my own sanity, and to embark on training and a career that aligned with my values, my observations, and my beliefs. This has made way for the work I do today. 

Let's explore beyond the bounds of the norm.


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